The art of dying

We have lost the art of dying. Dead is neglected and pushed away from our daily lives. And then suddenly it is your turn. You may have seen nothing but denial of death, or fighting against it. Following these examples, you make yourself suffer more then is necessary, and you don’t have access to the healing and transformative process that dying can be.

The art of dying starts with a good preparation. Take care of all practical things and divide your heritage. Communicate well about your last wishes, resolve conflicts and misunderstandings, ask for forgiveness, and speak your last words. Allow dependence and care, so people that love you can carry you. Express your emotions. Seek connection in your fragility. Look back over your life with gratitude, and gently surrender to that good night.

Evening glow kan support you in this process. We help you to be well-prepared. We facilitate the conversation between you and your loved ones. We help you remember your life, and we help you and your family to design a personalized funeral ceremony (religious or areligious).