Sharing circle: Living with dying

Come and share your story

Living with a terminal illness or living close to someone with a terminal illness is not always easy. We invite you to come, to listen, and to share your story. All participants have the opportunity to share. You can also come to listen, without sharing. You decide in the moment what feels right for you. It is also possible to ask questions and get advice from others. These gatherings are not connected to a religion. You are welcome regardless of your convictions and beliefs.

For whom?

People with a terminal illness, their family members, friends, acquaintances, professionals that work with terminal patients, everyone that has lost a person they care about, or anybody who feels connected to this topic.


Every 4th Tuesday of the month from 7pm till 9pm.


Hazelereik 44, 3700 Tongeren, front door on the right. The house is right across from the AZ Vesalius hospital,

How register?

Before Monday evening 6pm by sending an email to info AD