Compassionate Presence

“To heal, compassion is as valuable as a medical training, because it is a source of happiness for oneself and the other. Not only do people react to compassion when medication does not work, it also makes you more healthy.”  Dalai Lama

How can I be authentically present with my terminal patient or family member, without, without becoming emotionally fatigued? How do I deal with my own insecurities and emotions? How do I deal with the fears and the suffering of the dying?

Compassionate presence means to be sensitive for the needs of the dying, while at the same time taking care of yourself. By recognizing the suffering of the other in yourself, an authentic connections becomes possible. That way the dying feels seen and heard, and you equally are listening to yourself.

This workshop consists of a series of exercises (dialogues, roleplaying, meditations). You learn the skills of deep listening, constuctive and nonviolent communication, making yourself authetically prensent, and recognizing your own needs. We practice techniques to come to inner silence, self-knowledge and self-compassion.

Participate as an individual

Who?Caretakers and family members of a terminal/palliative patient
How long?3u (6:30pm-9:30pm)
Cost?25 euro
Date?16/2 (NL), 17/2 (EN)

Request a workshop:

Who?Caretakers and family members of a terminal/palliative patient
(10-20 participants, larger groups are possible on request)
How long?4u
Location?At your location or in Tongeren
Cost?500 euro + travel expenses

Feedback of participants:

“There was careful communication, attentive listening, and the specific needs of the group were taken into account. The concepts were worded simply and clearly, what made the application straightforward. […] I experienced the workshop as interesting and I learned a lot.” (RA, nurse)

 “The way of communicating and listening, without requiring you to contribute or participate, made me feel there were no obligations, in the end leading to contributing. […] For me it was an enrichment that I will apply in my job as well as in my private life. I am hungry for more.” (AL, head nurse)

About the instructor: Dr. Stijn Smeets is a psychologist (Master at the KULeuven, PhD at Vanderbilt University), musician and transspiritual monk. He accompanies palliative patients, their families and their care-takers, from diagnosis till the end of life. He is present with others during deep, transformative emotions and is a guide between the conscious and the unconscious, between life and death. More info you find here.

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